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01-26-2012, 06:18 PM

How would you like to gain private access to a forum that answers all of your questions? Anything you need to know about Blackhat SEO will be answered by forum moderators and members. Of course, private means private; you can’t share the information that you gain from the boards or resell your accounts. This leads to the banning of accounts.

Joining up is very simple and just requires a one-time donation. Although, while that gives you access to the forum, there may be some things in the forum that aren’t completely free; check before you click!

We do have strict rules when applying to join our membership and breaking of those rules will lead to being banned from the board – and there is no refund! In fact, we have a strict no refund policy since your money is a donation (not a payment, as such). Please do not apply if you have worked or current work for any government or law enforcement agency or company.

So, how can you join Blackhat SEO forum?

It’s really easy. Just send us an email to:

Add “I WANT TO JOIN THE FORUM” in your subject like and place your desired nickname in the email. We will also need to know your nationality and how you want to make your donation. We offer a variety of methods, including Webmoney and PayPal.

How much? Just a small donation of $50 and you get lifetime access to the forum. That’s right, just $50 for access for the rest of your life!

But what do you get for your donation?

You get access to a community that is completely private – just like you, no one else can share any of the information they gain from the forums. We used to be available for all but have decided that people prefer private for various reasons. Your discussions won’t show up on Google searches!

Google is always changing but you will get 100% up to date information about the new Blackhat SEO tactics and methods that work. Get your website on the first page of Google today! These methods aren’t available anywhere else. They’re 100% unique to this friendly community!

Need to make money? We all do! You’ll also get new and interesting opportunities to help make money or even save money online! Along with updates from the admin every 24 hours (at least!)

Want more exclusivity?

The friendly forum members share opportunities and services that are only available on the forum.

Join today and gain answers to your questions or requests quickly. The friendly members and the forum moderators answer all questions in detail. You’ll also get the latest email leads, case studies and link lists to help grow and expand.

Need more about content generation or want guides to cloaking and various doorways? That’s available.

This is great for all your Blackhat SEO needs. Just $50 for this access for the rest of your life. Join today and say hi to the friendly and experienced community and make money online!

03-07-2012, 05:40 PM
and extra disclaimer
even tho many people joined the forum and i did not hear single complain [maybe because price is so low? :)] im getting some questions.. so let me put this clear..

$50 is not much to donate but it may be alot for you or you may find this price not suiting ur needs. if so - dont join. if u need to make ur kid not eat for a day - dont donate, if u wont get ur girl a present due to this donation - dont do it. http://blackhatpwnage.com blog is a free resource and will alway stay this way so if u will regret ur $30 and u would like to use them other way - simply do that. get a beer or whatever.

i want everybody to feel happy he joined and im not upselling anything. price may rise some day when u get ready, who knows. but at least then u will be ready. so the message is.. if u dont feel 100% sure u want to join... do not